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second explosives are used to be heard in the. heard. on the. wealthy british sign on the sun. times. market. to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred the global financial headlines two kinds of reports.
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have you with us here on our team using your headlines a million people could take to cairo's tahrir square later on friday in protest over egypt transitional government many feel it's not delivering on the promises of democracy from february's uprising. britain's prime minister promising a full inquiry into the phone hacking scandal that's brought down the country's best selling newspaper police have arrested his former press colson he was the news of the world editor when it was alleged to have intercepted phone calls from. israel is bracing itself for hundreds of palestinian activists leading at the landing at the country's main airport the action follows the blocking of ships from
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a gaza aid flotilla angry. smartens on a mission to uncover the sights and sounds of st petersburg that's coming your way next. hello and welcome to the program summer is the perfect time to visit russia a long weekend here in st petersburg is a must the former capital is bursting full of history and culture and certain join me as we visit major landmarks and take part in various fun filled activities and we start off here at the spectacular site isaac's cathedral originally the city's main church and the largest cathedral in russia it was built between eight hundred eighteen and eight hundred fifty eight french born architects months almost two
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centuries later the gilded dome of st isaac still dominates the skyline of st petersburg a trip to the top provides extreme views of the city coming from the russian capital moscow out seem troubled by the fast subsume train network the journey takes four hours and costs around three thousand five hundred rubles that's roughly one hundred twenty five dollars way you can see here the location of the city situated in the northwest of russia in the eighteenth century it was piece of the great stream to create a window to your with a vast canal network press taking architecture and palaces that were built to rival who are paying counterparts this vision was well achieved just come here from moscow. we think this is a very grand place. story enjoyed it we've been to the hermitage. we've begun. the spilled blood.
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on this story and. i believe in it and now and is saying st petersburg for the second time i love it here especially the wingtip ls crew. very beautiful misty prospect in st petersburg's maybe as many as one of the best known streets in russia i suppose you could control the prospect to oxford street in london. the area is packed full of restaurants shops museums and historical sites the main point has to be this magnificent. constructed two hundred years ago it was closed by the bolsheviks in twenty nine a museum of cool services. and today the area in front of it is one of the city's main meeting points and tourist spots. the church of the spilled blood is located off the main streets here not to be confused the same battles cathedral in moscow was built on the site but saw alexander the second was assassinated. in his memory
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. and in this week's program we aim to show you some alternative sites excursions. to the city's answer to the. very popular. international tourists. seven hundred roubles that's roughly around twenty five dollars. similar projects to. his visit to people who seek some emotions since. the thirty feel. included through interested in history literature. connected with the city's most famous story. theme. for example legend has it i tchaikovsky died in simpy it is back in eighty ninety
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three not because of color but because he famously said his last symphony was launched and his entire life hours later. he stands. in the rain show. the body of the russian historical figure for species burned by conspiring softies poisoned shot and drowned. the pharmacy isn't for the faint of the light hearted tourists among us i think it's the classic screen an alternative in stamens have to be subjected to hours inside the city's palaces. welcome to the tourism so there is an interactive museum dedicated to the myths and legends of the city the last book it's cool it's a scene through a labyrinth of that same rooms where you come up close and personal to terrifying exhibits i witness coasting characters of the past is the spitting and peter the great. so what other alternative activities could you enjoy
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it said petersburg the ford museum of dreams located in the st petersburg institute of psychoanalysis opened in one thousand nine hundred nine to mark the one hundred years since for its famous book the interpretations of dreams was published there are two holes exploring the psychologist's theories the so-called light school splays historical facts and figures where the guide explains freud's work while the dog is a collection of at first sight meaningless things the guide suggests the visitors should perceive the display in accordance with their own experience fancies and desires. this museum in the moving capital which celebrates the rich history of the world famous drink vodka display cover such a result of history in russia starting from the eleventh century when it was originally called red wine exposed drinking traditions and rituals. during peter the great swain many votes could drink in traditional were established
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and many of them exist to this day for example they size and cheer a school should big eagle go blood's which was a prototype for a ritual of penalty shots for being late to party the amount of which one had to drink from the goblet must be. and totaled one litter i guess too late to be just bulls badly large to drink. thousands of exhibits amazing broken bottles. there are also several unusual items on display which include even. pace. with exploring the. rights to focus in a room which contains over two hundred. and the museum is a restaurant called. which office of course traditional. and if you have a special occasion it's a petersburg will just look top notch. in the city where professionals will take care of your stone or dozens of stylists make. mythologists that you constantly
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upgrading their skills and your top schools for professionals of the industry will help you look your best. the celebrated phenomenon of the white knights is a source of much pleasure. as this is it's an exciting time to visit the city not just to do we'll bring in personal time clothes and discuss the culture in the city with this insider let's meet this week's guests laura lovely to meet you and so your been living here. so we try to promote the culture of cooperation between russia. very useful it seems that some petersburg is a completely different city in the winter than it is in the tell me about some of the activities that you enjoy you know what. first of all people act totally differently during the summertime. to go out.
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there. trying to get home possible so people go hang out. in the restaurant if you had any visitors already any tourists coming to the city where would you recommend that they want to visit they had to. pause for a. really beautiful especially this really really nice. church bell. ringing and take a walk around around downtown because it's amazing the architecture is amazing and beautiful well what if the weather is bad because you know one that can be a rainy day can be sunny it's a bit temperamental little bit like. some inside. there's this amazing traditional old russian vodka. called.
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have a glass of water which costs twenty roubles. but if you're not into drinking. there's a whole range of different. you want to party. immerse yourself with historical sites considered cultural capital. the country's extraordinary fate. there are various ways to see the city by speedboat roller blading and bicycles you can hire them privately or take part in group guided tours either where you can see all the major sites such as the beautiful palace square here and for those who crave adrenaline filled activities there are a few other suggestions too like this next form of transport follow me.
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city during the day unlike most functional and leave tourists millions and there are many people who dream of once riding a bike and another around our city is popular destination for tourists so we decided to combine these two facts and to show our city to those who fancy riding a bike from your perspective or experience bikers can give you a tour and not only tell you about the main most popular landmarks but also provide an unusual tour showing some hidden gems of st petersburg which you won't find in a guide book. dot. com it moves to the top. but. so will last about two thousand the price is gone from three thousand five hundred roubles that's around one hundred twenty dollars that school started as an
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initiative of a group of bankers who decided that many people should propose raising the city's plans tourists interests can be combined to one the most it is you will see the city and the city see you. to some the most the bite from still school might be too much for me such an adrenaline filled excursion the sums up the city in the summer exciting and simply breathtaking. what i mean credible experience what a spectacular view behind us all the hollywood stars i love the city before sleep that's all that's how we have on this week's program from st petersburg i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of our butt out .
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just so. just so. if. the phone. culture is that so much i'm going to give each musician of our economy to mark one
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hundred decades of competition more south sudan and decide to become an independent state on july ninth as the world and. the close up team is beamed to the republic of north ascension where half of the area is occupied by nature preserve the folks this time are cheap goes to the region where men flock from all over the world to add a few centimeters to their self-confidence where young families are not hesitant about having a senior citizen in their family and where one man's utopia turns into a real village of the shining sun welcome to the cool down region russia close up on our deep. cool.
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cool a million people continue to cairo's tahrir square later on. right and protest over egypt's transitional government many feel it's not delivering on the promises of democracy from february's uprising. britain's prime minister promising a full inquiry into the phone hacking scandal that's brought down the country's best selling newspaper police have arrested his former press spokesman andy colson he was the news of the world editor when it except when it when it's alleged to have intercepted phone calls from murder victims and dead soldiers families. and israel bracing itself for hundreds of palestinian activists landing of the country's main airport their action follows the blocking of ships from a gaza aid flotilla in briefs. and you farmers up next with all the latest sports news stay with us here on r.t.
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. hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes. big deal the world's largest hockey league's promise not to poach each other's plays after a series of bitter dispute. plus an investigation begins into why f.c. twenty stadium collapsed killing one person and injuring fourteen others. operated moscow close in on signing ecuador banty's polyphony striker to say that. the first the two biggest ice hockey league's in the world the n.h.l. and the k h l have reached an agreement to stop poaching each other's plays and it's hoped it will lead to better relations between the clubs in the future the so-called player movement tolls on the league to respect the contracts signed in the other one follows a series of bitter disputes over transfers in the past notably you getting malkin
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switched from a slug magnitogorsk to pittsburgh in two thousand and six despite signing a new one year contract with the russian club and then two years later alexander had to love to move the national product to sell about you live despite the fact he still had a year left on his contract in the n.h.l. president alexander medvedev said he hoped the new agreement would reflect positively on the broader development of the sport. now an investigation is underway to find out why a part of a refit a dutch football stadium collapsed killing one person and injuring fourteen it happened while construction work was taking place at f.c. twenty's ground the roof fell onto a bank of seats behind one of the goals during a season construction work no match was being played at the time that's media say too good is buckled during work to build an extra tear seating on top of the existing stand because it's now being investigated by workplace inspectors and prosecutors c twenty director young man said the club terribly upset by what had
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happened twenty who were dutch champions two seasons ago have cancelled saturday's friendly against. a little motif are on the brink of starting one of the plays at copa america ecuadorian strike a flick to see though is their target and they've agreed a fave ten million euros with his current spanish club levant say the twenty two year old will now take a medical but he is expected to sign a four year deal and will reportedly have his current play just quadrupled to say there has scored thirteen goals in twenty seven matches full of on say he made his debut for his country aged just sixteen and it's paid for by manchester city and sporting. in milan has been a shock defeat for bolivia at the copper america after drawing with argentina earlier in the week they had two men sent off in a two no defeat to costa rica josue martinez put costa rica ahead early in the second half bundling the ball over the line. believe these troubles deepened when they're always sent off the how bowling moderates goldband definitely results in
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penalty from good bad over say by keeper yes. a great double block from him. but bolivia then had another man red carded just five minutes late goal to flores given his marching orders after a challenge on campbell shortly after campbell bent double crossed rick is late you know how it finished even cross creek in second place in the group behind colombia probably via a bottom and face being knocked down along with argentina just a point above. while english premier league side sunderland have signed munched united defensive gio john o'shea and wedge brown on four year deals for undisclosed fee so shy is thirty years old and brown is thirty one between and they made over six hundred appearances for united winning two champions league and five premier league win his medals as well as two f.a. cups and two the cups. elsewhere the president of turkey's champions from the back
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is being questioned about a match fixing scam that threatens to strip the club of its league title prosecutors will quit. after. painting evidence of cheating in nineteen first and second division games in two she won sixteen of seventeen league matches in the latter part of the season to come from a distant third place in sports of the title on goal difference so far twenty five suspects have been charged on suspicion of manipulating matches last season. fast rising cyclist boston harbor and has given british team sky that night and stage victory at the tour de france thursday six stage was the longest in this year's tour two hundred twenty six kilometers for the second day running there were problems for defending champion alberto contador he had a stop at all and had to quickly swap his bike for teammates but didn't lose any significant time for radio shack's levi leipheimer hit the ground hard after his bike went from under him in sleepy conditions but the wet weather didn't stop the
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sprinters from throwing caution to the wind at the end there was a slight uphill finish into this and was edvard by some hard in the black on the far right their time is paid to the line to perfection pipping matic goals from h t c a proud day to fellow norwegian who keeps the yellow jersey albeit by a single second finish trailing evidence. the second fastest man on earth tyson gay has pulled out of next month's world athletics championships with a hip injury the american would have been up against a hundred meter world record holder the same both in south korea but withdrew from the semifinals of the u.s. national trials because of pain and is expected to miss the rest of the season gave his run the fastest time machine nine point seven nine seconds and his personal best of nine point six nine is just a tenth of a second behind bolts world record. some of the world's top golfers are completing their build up to next week's open championship firstly on the p.g.a.
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tour it's chris blanks who has a one shot lead after the first round of the john deere classic in illinois and just behind him in a more familiar names a davis love the third seen here steve marino mcquillan they are all tied for second after hitting a seven under sixty four. right next to him now one but the shot of the day was from zach johnson a sixty foot chip from him he's us three strokes off the lead after the opening rant. while world number two the westwood shares the lead at the scottish open if he wins he will oust fellow englishman luke donald as the world number one but for the moment he's tied in first place to mark to life in chile they both hit a sixty five scotland's call montgomery needs a top five finish it qualified for his home major for a twenty second time in a row he's currently two shots back with
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a whole host of plays including luke donald but it was westwood he was happiest with his day's work. you have been playing well since the masses. and the practice over the last couple of weeks. wrote it's nice to refresh i'm looking forward to the next two weeks and sixty carbs a good way to start those two weeks today well a noticeable absentee from the torn says u.s. open golf champion rory mcilroy has decided to rest ahead of the british open however at twenty two than ordinary men could still be playing in the found a series which inspired him to become the major winner he is constantine but top off reports now on the youth development program which has come to moscow to help produce a russian golf champion. british six time major winner cerny wilder founded his serious in one nine hundred ninety six and the blessed through of champions have already developed through the system including the likes of u.s. open champion rory mcilroy and yannis singh the youngest player and wheel of female
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in the morning to win four major championships could this scheme have any bearing advertisement it's great for us to have to say. that the whole program does well you can see kids here today oh i want to be the next morning mcelroy say they want to come play with us it's the fourth time before the serious has come to moscow and the event offers a unique chance for russia's young golfers to show off their skills and getting tournament experience and under their inspiring supervision for all those personal coach keith woods the kids could hardly help but grow to love the sport and progress quickly every year i come back to see a difference which is fantastic which is a credit to i think to your to your your whole development their year out of each time so physically they're changing and with that their golf swings are changing. and i think if you can if you can continue to develop the techniques through your
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through your coaches then there's no reason why you can't you can't really aggressively progress that go with while his assistant the young players gets ready to take the next step and break into the professional rinks a small country like northern ireland perhaps might not have expected to produce such a talented young major as michael roy sold a deer is there with great passion and determination future champions can appear from anywhere every country wants wants to see a champion for a domestic champion and it's very difficult to say at this stage at these ages because obviously players that are progressing fast and then they may play plateau off going through different changes in the physiology. and so at this point you can't you can't say whether you've got a champion on your hands but if they keep progressing and they keep working at it and your coaches continue to improve these kids then who knows you of course you
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can have a rory mcilroy defiled a serious aims at producing future champions and the search for young talent all round the world this year teenagers will take to the courses thirty five tournament in twenty five countries to drive cheap and point their way to the fifteen grand final which will be held in northern ireland in september was named but not of. the big time but in the boxing ring is russia's heavyweight champion alexander but that can't he's in talks about a possible title fight with beck. the two are vying to lay their hands on the belt he's currently held. to get from david haye last weekend but under different rules he crying is not having the sink a champion because he held one half to hand the w.b. a one back all a bit confusing but that can. probably square off in germany on the twenty seventh as one of his twenty one professional bands. so that is the sport
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for the moment kate will be here in the next couple of ass to keep you updated but we've got the weather coming up next here i'm not. hungry for the full stop we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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